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              [pe145]Pet The Tiger
              Gaze Emanations
              [pe144]Ashtray Navigations & Anla Courtis
              Protozoic Rock Express
              [pe143]Alan Sondheim
              Future Speed Future
              [pe142]Albert / Day / Kreimer
              [pe141]Bill Brovold's Stone Soup
              Michael Goldberg Variations
              [pe140]Michael Gendreau
              Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado
              [pe139]H閘鑞e Breschand & Elliott Sharp
              Chansons du Cr閜uscule
              [pe138]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe137]Collision Stories
              Those Missing Will Complete Us
              [pe136]Ghost In The House
              Second Sight
              [pe135]Henry Kaiser / Alan Licht
              Skip to the Solo
              [pe134]Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo
              [pe133]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe131]Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura
              [pe130]Ben Bennett / Jack Wright
              [pe128]Music For Hard Times
              City of Cardboard
              [pe127]Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis
              Naranja Songs
              [pe126]Massimo Falascone
              Variazioni Mumacs
              [pe125]Auris + Gino
              Fantasy Remover
              [pe123]Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim
              Avatar Woman
              [pe122]Various Artists
              The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
              [pe121]Nels Cline / Elliott Sharp
              Open The Door
              [pe120]Pretty Monsters
              [pe119]Cactus Truck
              Brand New For China!
              [pe118]Belcher / Bivins Double Quartet
              [pe117]Normal Love
              Survival Tricks
              [pe116]Ron Anderson / Robert L. Pepper / David Tamura / Philippe Petit
              Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds
              [pe115]Philip Gayle
              Baban鏾 Total
              [pe114]Dino Felipe
              Sorta' Bleu
              Radio Friendly
              [pe111]Little Fyodor
              Peace is Boring
              [pe110]Courtis / Yamamoto / Yoshimi
              Live at Kanadian
              [pe109]Bob Marsh
              [pe108]Tartar Lamb
              60 Metonymies
              [pe107]Shelf Life
              [pe106]A Tomato a Day
              The Moon is Green
              [pe105]D + D
              [pe104]The Mighty Vitamins
              [pe103]Smut / OVO
              Split 7"
              [pe102]Bill Horist / Marron
              [pe101]Richard Trosper
              The Ocean
              No Sleep till Babylon
              Damn It!!
              [pe97]Emily Hay / Marcos Fernandes
              We Are
              [pe96]The Machine Gun TV
              Live In Japan
              [pe94]Mike Pride
              The Ensemble is an Electronic Device
              [pe93]Jorge Castro
              [pe92]Yagihashi Tsukasa
              [pe91]Eftus Spectun
              The Tocks Clicking
              [pe89]Amy Denio
              [pe88]Eric Cook
              [pe87] Onid & Isil
              Devotional Hymns for the Women of Anu
              [pe85]Che Guevara Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band
              [pe84]Day / Boardman
              One to Seven
              [pe83]Knot + Over
              Vertonen 9
              [pe81]Blue Collar
              Lovely Hazel
              [pe79]Jesse Krakow
              Oceans in the Sun
              [pe78]Diaz-Infante / Forsyth / Scherzberg
              A Barren Place of Overwhelming Simplicity
              [pe76]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
              [pe75]Renato Rinaldi
              The Time and the Room
              [pe74]Masami Kawaguchi
              Live in December
              [pe72]Watch the Stereo
              [pe71]Modern Day Urban Barbarians
              The Endless Retreat
              [pe70]The Bunny Brains
              Holiday Massacre '98
              [pe69]Jack Wright & Bob Marsh
              Birds in the Hand
              [pe68]Free From Disguise
              [pe67]Jad Fair & Jason Willett
              [pe66]Baker / Baker / Bloor
              Terza Rima

              Pet The Tiger - Gaze Emanations
              CD (San Francisco)

              1. Radial Garden
              2. Furnace
              3. Festival Terrain
              4. No Bones
              5. Accord
              6. Here Comes Everybody
              7. Simultaneity Explained
              8. Ally
              9. Little Feather
              10. Here Comes Everybody II
              11. Old Growth
              12. Coming Down

              Bryan Day - invented instruments
              Tom Djll - trumpet & circuit-bent electronics
              Phillip Greenlief - saxophones
              Cheryl Leonard - invented instruments
              Tom Nunn - invented instruments
              Suki O扠ane - prepared & found percussion
              Gino Robair - prepared & found percussion
              David Samas - voice

              Recorded at The Nunnery by Bryan Day
              Sonic architcture, mixing, mastering by David Michalak
              Produced and directed by David Samas
              Music ?019 Pet the Tiger
              Artwork ?019 Brian Lucas

              (Lost In A Sea Of Sound) Sounds emanating from artwork is a frontier left for creative interpretation and skilled means of channeling. The artists who make up the project Pet The Tiger are the select crew you would want on this en devour. Surely Brian Lucas, the artists who created all of these drawings, felt at ease when the creation of this "soundtrack" was discussed. Gaze Emanations has no boundaries, but this does not mean these sonic craftings are scattered or chaotic. Looking at the artwork created by Brian Lucas, there is a format and method that bonds all of the drawings together. The project Pet The Tiger was thoughtful with each selection. With eight musicians working together to portray in sound one artist's renderings, there is a sense of concise appreciation for the entire process. Of the group, three artists are highly adept at creating there own instruments. Two musicians specializing in percussion, one with saxophones, one with trumpet and electronics and the last with the incredible voice. To accurately describe in words, what musical artists are describing in sound, of the drawings another artist created, seems futile. Maybe to summarize, as far out as these sounds are, they are still very drawn in. This is not vibrant bedlam, instead aural introspective conception with patient individuals who add just the right amount. Their sum of sound together is still less than many would compile on their own. That is how good this is. If you really want to blown away, just click on the links for each artist below. Tried to find the most pertinent sites for each person rather than all facebook pages. Tackle that task, listen and look at the pictures below while experiencing. The titles to the drawings are the same as the titles to each track. "Radial Garden" is the cover picture and "Here Comes Everybody" has two tracks. - Robot Rattle

              (Xactionmusic) Echoes of short baritone sax blasts fly out of the speakers, dart around you, smack into the air behind your head, then fly back into a layered landscape of elongated tones that might have been derived from the same instrument, a reminder of Bernard Parmegiani抯 De Natura Sonorum (1975) or Esp鑓es d抏spaces (2001). Pet The Tiger / Brain Lucas released Gaze Emanations through Public Eyesore on September 1, 2019. Sounds are the mirage of the human spirit, and these are the compositions which reflect the struggles and wonderment抯 of life; through a sparsity of dynamical changes in sounds and how they are presented. From tracks like Radial Garden, No Bones or Little Feather, the desolate melodies and dampened mechanical tones echo through a mass production of sound designs and torturous technique. Interweaving and adding character to the eccentricities that excite, dissonance teems with unfocused arrangements and an array of chaotic instrumentation; Sempre Piu!!! You certainly wouldn抰 want to attempt predicting the next arrangements. Nothing here is conventional work, even harsh noise ?or styles of ?sway far from the path this album explores. I can only imagine the methods that Pet The Tiger / Brain Lucas used to conjure his compositions, sometimes sounding like various sounds are produced from touching or vibrating strings, or even experimenting with certain instrumental-gestures close to this touch. Masking and absorbing some baritone or trombone pitch while modulating its source, is almost uncanny to what some may consider a digression in sound and composition. However, the unity of vocals, classical instruments and frequencies which resonate from a collection of all these, is transportive in nature, as these are the elements where whimsical and other-worldly environments are found. The subtle variations and dissonance in tones and patterns are born from the field recordings which resemble a psychic riddle ?intricately interweaving through our journey of musical transcendence. - Sutter Greaves

              (Babysue) We've never ever heard of anyone who who has the ability to "perform drawings"...so we immediately had an instinctual feeling that this album would be different. Add to this the fact that it has been released by the perpetually bizarre underground Public Eyesore label...and you've got a recipe for some decidedly wild and unpredictable stuff. Gaze Emanations: Pet the Tiger and Co. Perform Drawings by Brian Lucas is decidedly obscure and non-musical. Folks who require things like melodies and discernible lyrics will probably have a great deal of trouble digesting the compositions on this album. These abstract spontaneous audio experiments are collage-like. Sounds and ideas seem to randomly combine with one another before heading off in different directions. The musicians/artists are Bryan Day, Tom Djil, Phillip Greenlief, Cheryl Leonard, Tom Nunn, Suki O'Kane, Gino Robair, and Davis Samas. These compositions defy conventions. The musicians operate in a world where anything goes and the possibilities are endless. Housed in a slickly designed digipak sleeve complete with a booklet featuring those drawings by Lucas, this peculiar little package is only intended for folks interested in treading the outer realms of audio releases. Confusing and spooky tracks include "Radial Garden," "Accord," "Simultaneity Explained," and "Old Growth." - Don7

              (Avant Music News) On Gaze Emanations, the sui generis ensemble Pet the Tiger and Co. respond to a series of eleven drawings by artists Brian Lucas with a set of twelve elaborately crafted, abstract soundscapes. Pet the Tiger & Co. is an unusually configured octet comprising three players of invented instruments (Bryan Day, Cheryl Leonard, and Tom Nunn); two players of prepared and found percussion (Suki O扠ane and Gino Robair); saxophonist Philip Greenlief, trumpeter/electronics artist Tom Djll, and vocalist David Samas, who also produced the album. On paper it抯 a potentially rich and varied mixture of timbres that in reality proves to be exactly that. Much about these performances is abstract in the way that acousmatic music is abstract梪nusual sounds whose provenance is either obscure or obscured梬hich isn抰 surprising, given the predominance of invented instruments or modified acoustic instruments. The textures of these performances are akin to mosaics made of multicolored, loosely joined tiles梕ven though the group is large, the sound rarely gets cluttered or overly dense. Samas?voice is in keeping with the overall acousmatic feeling, consisting as it does of overtone singing, pre-verbal utterances and speech in some indecipherable language. On Ally the acoustic voices of Greenlief抯 saxophone and Djll抯 trumpet come to the foreground in a way that slyly acknowledges the conventionally musical and, given the context of the other performances, comes as a peculiar kind of shock. Lucas?drawings, which the group interpreted as graphic scores, are included in the CD抯 booklet. They are colorful geometric and stylized works that seem to allude to astronomical, mythological, and metaphysical subjects梐rcane provocations that Pet the Tiger and Co. aptly bring to sonic life. - Daniel Barbiero

              ?2014 Public Eyesore Records. All Rights Reserved.