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              [pe145]Pet The Tiger
              Gaze Emanations
              [pe144]Ashtray Navigations & Anla Courtis
              Protozoic Rock Express
              [pe143]Alan Sondheim
              Future Speed Future
              [pe142]Albert / Day / Kreimer
              [pe141]Bill Brovold's Stone Soup
              Michael Goldberg Variations
              [pe140]Michael Gendreau
              Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado
              [pe139]H閘鑞e Breschand & Elliott Sharp
              Chansons du Cr閜uscule
              [pe138]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe137]Collision Stories
              Those Missing Will Complete Us
              [pe136]Ghost In The House
              Second Sight
              [pe135]Henry Kaiser / Alan Licht
              Skip to the Solo
              [pe134]Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo
              [pe133]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe131]Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura
              [pe130]Ben Bennett / Jack Wright
              [pe128]Music For Hard Times
              City of Cardboard
              [pe127]Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis
              Naranja Songs
              [pe126]Massimo Falascone
              Variazioni Mumacs
              [pe125]Auris + Gino
              Fantasy Remover
              [pe123]Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim
              Avatar Woman
              [pe122]Various Artists
              The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
              [pe121]Nels Cline / Elliott Sharp
              Open The Door
              [pe120]Pretty Monsters
              [pe119]Cactus Truck
              Brand New For China!
              [pe118]Belcher / Bivins Double Quartet
              [pe117]Normal Love
              Survival Tricks
              [pe116]Ron Anderson / Robert L. Pepper / David Tamura / Philippe Petit
              Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds
              [pe115]Philip Gayle
              Baban鏾 Total
              [pe114]Dino Felipe
              Sorta' Bleu
              Radio Friendly
              [pe111]Little Fyodor
              Peace is Boring
              [pe110]Courtis / Yamamoto / Yoshimi
              Live at Kanadian
              [pe109]Bob Marsh
              [pe108]Tartar Lamb
              60 Metonymies
              [pe107]Shelf Life
              [pe106]A Tomato a Day
              The Moon is Green
              [pe105]D + D
              [pe104]The Mighty Vitamins
              [pe103]Smut / OVO
              Split 7"
              [pe102]Bill Horist / Marron
              [pe101]Richard Trosper
              The Ocean
              No Sleep till Babylon
              Damn It!!
              [pe97]Emily Hay / Marcos Fernandes
              We Are
              [pe96]The Machine Gun TV
              Live In Japan
              [pe94]Mike Pride
              The Ensemble is an Electronic Device
              [pe93]Jorge Castro
              [pe92]Yagihashi Tsukasa
              [pe91]Eftus Spectun
              The Tocks Clicking
              [pe89]Amy Denio
              [pe88]Eric Cook
              [pe87] Onid & Isil
              Devotional Hymns for the Women of Anu
              [pe85]Che Guevara Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band
              [pe84]Day / Boardman
              One to Seven
              [pe83]Knot + Over
              Vertonen 9
              [pe81]Blue Collar
              Lovely Hazel
              [pe79]Jesse Krakow
              Oceans in the Sun
              [pe78]Diaz-Infante / Forsyth / Scherzberg
              A Barren Place of Overwhelming Simplicity
              [pe76]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
              [pe75]Renato Rinaldi
              The Time and the Room
              [pe74]Masami Kawaguchi
              Live in December
              [pe72]Watch the Stereo
              [pe71]Modern Day Urban Barbarians
              The Endless Retreat
              [pe70]The Bunny Brains
              Holiday Massacre '98
              [pe69]Jack Wright & Bob Marsh
              Birds in the Hand
              [pe68]Free From Disguise
              [pe67]Jad Fair & Jason Willett
              [pe66]Baker / Baker / Bloor
              Terza Rima

              Alan Sondheim - Future Speed Future
              CD (Providence, RI)


              Improvisation - Alan Sondheim
              Songs / voice - Azure Carter

              (Disaster Amnesiac) Of one thing you can be certain with the worlds of art and music: there will always be a race against time. Creative people seem to be particularly afflicted by the mental horror of this race. Musicians and artists spend so much of their time unseen by anyone but those closest to them as they learn and hone and finesse their chosen crafts. Disaster Amnesiac mentions this because these dynamics are well to the fore on Alan Sondheim's newest CD, Future Speed Future. As I read the self-penned liner notes for the disc, I often get a feeling of sheer terror as Alan mentions the psychic and physical pain that arises from his method for the songs collected therein. In his own words, the "...[F]ast as possible improvisation/not repeating/shape-riding sonic worlds..." are sources of discomfort as he performs them. Thankfully for the listener, it's not so much raw pain as beauty that will be encountered from them. As his fingers do indeed skitter incredibly fast across the necks and bridges of acoustic guitars, sazs, oud, dutar and viola, one is treated to lovely micro-tonal phrases that fly around the perceptions like exotic butterflies or fast moving celluloid art. It always strikes Disaster Amnesiac that improvised music presents the listener not so much with songs to be sung along with but interior/exterior worlds that must be worked toward to be truly appreciated. Sondheim has spent decades working them in and out of his menagerie of stringed instruments, and on Future Speed Future he for the most part pushes the pedal to the metal, full speed ahead. Fingers fly across the frets and strings, and if one is paying attention, these acoustic sounds resonate in most delightful ways. Again, if one does the mental work, the aesthetic riches are there for the taking. Alan's long time partner Azure Carter provides a bit of counterpart with vocals and lyrics on three tracks, as her approach is much more measured. It's almost as she Azure is reminding Alan that it's alright to take a breath; meanwhile, Alan plows forward, and these contrasts are stunning. Sondheim will not rest, and let's just hope that he finds ways to cope with the pace that he's chosen. Back in June of 2018, Disaster Amnesiac got to spend a few delightful hours in Alan Sondheim's presence, and I left that encounter realizing that anyone who is interested in true Art and Creativity would benefit immensely from spending time with his straightforward and wide ranging insights. If one can't get out to his current home of Providence, one should grab a copy of Future Speed Future and start learning from him there. Can you keep up? - Mark Pino

              (Babysue) For those who are not familiar with Alan Sondheim, before reading this review check out his website first (link above). This man's site is very very different from just about everything else out there...not only in terms of content, but also the extremely simple way the content is presented. According to different sources on the internet, Sondheim is a poet, critic, musician, artist, and theorist of cyberspace. Alan is one of those unique individuals on our planet who is operating on a plane so far above the rest of us that most folks (including us) can't even comprehend a lot of what he does. Whereas so many individuals in the world strive so hard to be unique and different, Sondheim really and truly is. When we began playing Future Speed Future, our first reaction was that we've never heard anyone play a guitar like this before. So we pulled up a video of Alan playing guitar and found out why. It's unlikely that anyone has EVER played guitar the way this man does. Instead of playing in a conventional sense, he attacks the guitar like he's using drills or sanders and just plows into the instrument. Those who aren't playing close attention might mistake his playing for random noise. But it's actually much more than that, because the notes aren't nearly as important as the way the instrument is being played. It's bizarre. It's experimental. And it's very very unusual. Vocalist Azure Carter joins on some of these tracks. And interestingly, those tracks are the ones that seem the most normal. But bear in mind that all of these tracks are anything but normal. Sondheim's liner notes are an integral part of the package, as he explains what he does. In all the years we've been writing about music, this man is easily one of the most unorthodox. Over 72 minutes of music here. Bizarre audio tracks include "Terz1," "Cura2," "Romeo3," "Longneckedsazlinger," and "Romeo2." This is definitely not for everyone. But those brave enough to experience this man's creative universe will be forever changed. Top pick. - Don W 7

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