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              [pe145]Pet The Tiger
              Gaze Emanations
              [pe144]Ashtray Navigations & Anla Courtis
              Protozoic Rock Express
              [pe143]Alan Sondheim
              Future Speed Future
              [pe142]Albert / Day / Kreimer
              [pe141]Bill Brovold's Stone Soup
              Michael Goldberg Variations
              [pe140]Michael Gendreau
              Polvo Seran, Mas Polvo Enamorado
              [pe139]H閘鑞e Breschand & Elliott Sharp
              Chansons du Cr閜uscule
              [pe138]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe137]Collision Stories
              Those Missing Will Complete Us
              [pe136]Ghost In The House
              Second Sight
              [pe135]Henry Kaiser / Alan Licht
              Skip to the Solo
              [pe134]Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo
              [pe133]Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch
              [pe131]Many Arms & Toshimaru Nakamura
              [pe130]Ben Bennett / Jack Wright
              [pe128]Music For Hard Times
              City of Cardboard
              [pe127]Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis
              Naranja Songs
              [pe126]Massimo Falascone
              Variazioni Mumacs
              [pe125]Auris + Gino
              Fantasy Remover
              [pe123]Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim
              Avatar Woman
              [pe122]Various Artists
              The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
              [pe121]Nels Cline / Elliott Sharp
              Open The Door
              [pe120]Pretty Monsters
              [pe119]Cactus Truck
              Brand New For China!
              [pe118]Belcher / Bivins Double Quartet
              [pe117]Normal Love
              Survival Tricks
              [pe116]Ron Anderson / Robert L. Pepper / David Tamura / Philippe Petit
              Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds
              [pe115]Philip Gayle
              Baban鏾 Total
              [pe114]Dino Felipe
              Sorta' Bleu
              Radio Friendly
              [pe111]Little Fyodor
              Peace is Boring
              [pe110]Courtis / Yamamoto / Yoshimi
              Live at Kanadian
              [pe109]Bob Marsh
              [pe108]Tartar Lamb
              60 Metonymies
              [pe107]Shelf Life
              [pe106]A Tomato a Day
              The Moon is Green
              [pe105]D + D
              [pe104]The Mighty Vitamins
              [pe103]Smut / OVO
              Split 7"
              [pe102]Bill Horist / Marron
              [pe101]Richard Trosper
              The Ocean
              No Sleep till Babylon
              Damn It!!
              [pe97]Emily Hay / Marcos Fernandes
              We Are
              [pe96]The Machine Gun TV
              Live In Japan
              [pe94]Mike Pride
              The Ensemble is an Electronic Device
              [pe93]Jorge Castro
              [pe92]Yagihashi Tsukasa
              [pe91]Eftus Spectun
              The Tocks Clicking
              [pe89]Amy Denio
              [pe88]Eric Cook
              [pe87] Onid & Isil
              Devotional Hymns for the Women of Anu
              [pe85]Che Guevara Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band
              [pe84]Day / Boardman
              One to Seven
              [pe83]Knot + Over
              Vertonen 9
              [pe81]Blue Collar
              Lovely Hazel
              [pe79]Jesse Krakow
              Oceans in the Sun
              [pe78]Diaz-Infante / Forsyth / Scherzberg
              A Barren Place of Overwhelming Simplicity
              [pe76]Khoury / Shearer / Hall
              [pe75]Renato Rinaldi
              The Time and the Room
              [pe74]Masami Kawaguchi
              Live in December
              [pe72]Watch the Stereo
              [pe71]Modern Day Urban Barbarians
              The Endless Retreat
              [pe70]The Bunny Brains
              Holiday Massacre '98
              [pe69]Jack Wright & Bob Marsh
              Birds in the Hand
              [pe68]Free From Disguise
              [pe67]Jad Fair & Jason Willett
              [pe66]Baker / Baker / Bloor
              Terza Rima

              Albert / Day / Kreimer - Mutations
              CD (Oaxaca / SF / Lincoln, NE)

              -Mutation 1
              -Mutation 2
              -Mutation 3
              -Mutation 4
              -Mutation 5
              -Mutation 6

              Marco Albert - Voice & Electronics
              Bryan Day - Invented Instruments
              Jay Kreimer - Invented Instruments

              (Avant Music News) Mutations is the product of the virtual collaboration of sound artists and instrument builders Bryan Day of San Francisco and Jay Kreimer of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Marco Albert, an Italian-born musician now based on Oaxaca, Mexico. The three played together in Queretaro, Mexico, in 2018 at the Festival Internacional de Improvisaci髇 y M鷖ica Extrema, where they had the idea of continuing to work together via file sharing. For Mutations, each recorded his part at home; Albert provided the final mix. The six tracks give evidence of the trio抯 fine chemistry and obvious compatibility of approaches to sound, as well as the willingness of each to build an uncluttered audio space in which the others can thrive. Consequently, Day and Kriemer抯 invented instruments combine with Albert抯 electronics and voice to create richly colored environments telling of unlikely sounds: imaginary objects ricocheting off of mirrors amid electronic glisses bringing news of yesterday抯 vision of the future. Albert抯 voice grounds several of the pieces as he whispers coded messages against a background of kalimba-like, ad hoc percussion and scraped metal, delivers a lecture on modern art and objectification to an increasingly raucous梥keptical?桮reek chorus of noise, or chants over burbling sounds recalling the reaction of baking soda with hot water. - Daniel Barbiero

              (Avant Music News) There are two completely different ways this writer considered approaching the new album Mutations created by Marco Albert (from Oaxaca, Mexico), Bryan Day (from San Francisco) and Jay Kreimer (from Lincoln, Neb.): 1) find out as much information as possible about the musicians and sound-making processes, or 2) just 揳ccept the mystery?(to borrow a quote from the Coen Brothers?film A Serious Man). Day and Kreimer are both instrument inventors and improvisers, while Albert is a vocalist and electronics wiz, and the trio came together for a performance at the 2017 Festival Internacional de Improvisaci髇 y M鷖ica Extrema in Mexico and subsequently embarked on a long-distance collaboration involving passing around recordings that were edited and mixed together. Gleaning a few hints from video footage from the Festival梩he entire 20-minute set is on YouTube梬e see Day and Kreimer striking and scraping their inventions, primarily staying the realm of percussion, while Albert抯 words and wordless outbursts are wild and sometimes harrowing. Kreimer seems to hit a sort of amplified hammered dulcimer-esque instrument mounted on a tripod, while Day has an entire table full of his creations, including antennas, effects processors, a wooden trapezoid and one instrument that uses five tape measures each extended to a different length. Some similar sounds seem to re-appear on Mutations, but the details are fuzzy. While the Festival performance was a live improvisation, Mutations is a carefully assembled recording, and without delving into background information, one could imagine this music being some kind of fascinating invocation for an arcane, modern ritual with physical and electronic sound-making. Eerie and sinister spell-casting is evoked from windy sounds, while metal bits are rubbed and plucked, resembling kalimba tones. Each track dwells on its own sound-realm; 揗utation 5?has an obsession with springy 揵oing?noises, while 揗utation 6?offers aquatic gurgling amid the impulses of synthetic calculations. Albert抯 vocals are as enigmatic as the sounds, with both Spanish and English words that are sometimes distorted and sometimes whispered, suggesting secrets that are revealed without giving it all away. - Ernie Paik

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